Canucksploitation Special: Cannibal Girls (1973)

Welcome to the king of all Canucksploitation films: Cannibal Girls (1973). Unlike other films classified under this genre, this is both true Grindhouse and truly Canadian, so it’s weird that this film was totally unknown to me until a Victoria Day streaming party with friends. Filmed in Richmond Hill (North of Toronto), in genuine Canadian winter, starring Canadian superstars Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin, directed by Ghostbusters’ Canadian producer Ivan Reitman, this film is as Canadian as a Mountie drinking maple syrup. Do you need to see a 1970s Eugene Levy with a huge fro, handlebar mustache, and a crocheted rainbow tie? The answer is, obviously, yes. Is Richmond Hill actually full of crazed cannibal killers? Of course.

This film tells the story of Cliff (Levy) repeatedly striking out with Gloria (Martin) until he takes her to a fictitious small town to get laid. Only then, they are waylaid by a trio of temptresses (conveniently blonde, brunette, and redhead) with a spooky reverend in tophat and tails.

Are there scenes that go nowhere? Yes. Does a man get marinated while cuffed to a bed? Yes. Does Eugene Levy wear a full-length fur coat? Yes.

The tone of this movie is all over the place, the script is mostly improvised, and you honestly can’t say where the plot is going at various points… so, classic Grindhouse, right? It’s perfect.

Any other suggestions for Canadian horror? Let me know in the comments.